Professional Development @ NHCCS

NHCCS has an abundance of Professional Development for our staff in order to support the growth of our students.  Each week, all instructional staff meet as a grade level in conjunction with the Curriculum Team to address a variety of topics such as student performance data, Curricular topics, assessments, etc. In addition, we have staff developers from Columbia University collaborate with and support our teachers and students throughout the year in ELA.  We have a similar PD support system for our teachers in Mathematics and Science through the use of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) on site staff developers.


State Mandated Trainings

  • The following links are dedicated to state and district mandated trainings.  The State of New Jersey requires that new and existing school staff (including volunteers and interns, in some instances) receive training annually in a number of policy areas.

  • Note: To get credit for completing the training, all NHCCS participants should go to to record their training details.


Teacher’s Video Training Platform:

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Phone: 973-848-0400

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Vice Principal: Ms. Yashmine Cooper

ESSA Director: Mr. Charles Mugambe

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Sharonda Pope

Secretary: Mrs. Marlene Phillips

School Nurse: Mrs. Lilet Wayne

Social Worker: Mrs. Monique Dent

Director of Safety and Security: Mr. Abel Hernandez

Head Technology Coordinator: Ms. L. Costa

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