New Horizons Community Charter School Closure Resources:



New Horizons Community Charter School has moved to online instruction (until further notice) using daily live instruction via Zoom and  Google Classroom.  

Prior to the first day of school (September 1, 2020) all laptops, workbooks, and instructional materials were distributed between August 26, 2020 through August 28, 2020.


Online Tutorials:

To further support our school community in engaging online, below find some tutorials for our parents/guardians and students in utilizing some of our online resources:

Google Classroom-used K-8 Virtual Work Environments-
PowerSchool Unified Classroom-used K-8 attendance-
For HMH Ed- used for K-4 Math and K-8 Science -
For -used for Grades 6-8 Math -
For Google Drive – can be used for Grades K-8-
For login to Zoom- used to engage online with students and teachers as a class-

Grades K-8 Assignments are all online



Grades K-8 Online Daily Routine:

  1. Live instruction via Zoom occur from 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

  2. All students must log-in to Zoom and the Google Classroom platform every morning by 8:30 am and reply to all posts.


K-5 Virtual School Schedule


6-8 Virtual School Schedule 


All students’ Google Classroom login information can be accessed using the following general login information.


Below is general login information:

  • PowerSchool Unified Classroom Website:

  • Please note students will need to scroll down and click on “Sign-in With Google”

  • Input NHCCS Username and password to gain access to these resources is:


If students need login information or have issues logging in, they may immediately contact Please read carefully the details for Student/Parent Expectations for Online Instruction during this health-related school closure:


Students Online Expectations:

  • Attendance will be based on live login via zoom, per class, via a daily live interaction

  • Expectations include parent support to answer a discussion post on Google Classroom, to verify attendance and review assignments for the day. The school will provide internet or a technology device to every student.

  • Grades K-8 students will have daily live instruction.

  • Log-in to Google Classroom daily at 8:30 am or as soon as possible thereafter, to check classroom expectations each day. All zoom live virtual classes start at 8:30 am.

  • Extended time will be provided for students that receive modifications or accommodations. Each assignment should take approximately 40 minutes to complete.

  • Every class will meet every day scheduled.

  • Students must also complete an additional 45 minutes a week of online instruction in iReady for Mathematics and another 45 minutes of instruction in iReady for ELA.  The district will track all work done online.


Parents Online Expectations:

  • A NHCCS Technology Survey was distributed to identify any circumstances that do not allow your child(ren) to participate in the virtual learning environment.  If you experience a technology hardship, you may communicate this information to  We will meet any technology need so that all children are participating online. 

  • Help students log-in and access zoom and Google classroom using their student account:

  • Sign in using the student’s NHCCS’ Google Account credentials.

  • Frequently check for updates at and on ClassDojo.  

  • Provide time and an environment that supports virtual learning.

  • The district attendance policy of absences will be in effect. Attendance will be taken daily, in the method detailed above.


Additionally, students have access to several district/school-adopted online curricular resources, including:

  • Google Apps-documents, presentations, online assignments, etc.

  • iReady- online instruction in ELA and Mathematics

  • ThinkCentral – Grade 5 Only for Online Mathematics assignments and instructional tools

  • MyHRW-Grades 6-8 Only for Online Mathematics assignments and instructional tools

  • HMH Science-online Science assignments and instructional resources


Log-in information for any platform, as well as devices, may be requested by e-mailing